Revising your Book

Hello Everyone! Since I was hit by the corona virus, I was not able to work much on my book because of my health and time. But here comes an update again! I have now revised 89 of 191 pages. I have noticed how much time this process takes. Since I changed a lot at … More Revising your Book

Writing Routine

It is important to have a writing routine, otherwise you can lose your focus. For example, if you write one scene and then the next one a week later, you can’t remember everything the same way. But if you have a writing routine, you can keep up with your project. But if you’re like me, … More Writing Routine

How to start

First of all, you need an idea for your story. Mostly, people have an idea before they decide that they want to write a book. That’s how it was for me. I got inspired by some events that happened in my life and decided to write a love story (I know so cliché!). So to … More How to start