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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog! Here you can find all blog posts i published in English. I divide all of the posts in two sections. First, “My Journey” which is all about my story of writing a novel. And second, “Tips & Tricks” which includes valuable tips if you want to write a book yourself. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me. Don’t forget to follow my blog and never miss a post!

My Journey

Progress: Revising my Book

I have been revising my manuscript for about two months now and I am finally through with the first round. In the process, my manuscript has gone from 189 pages to 216 pages, or from 44,765 words to 51,957 words. Of course, it is still not finished. There is more behind the revision than you … More Progress: Revising my Book

Bad Days…

In my blog, I often write about how well I’m progressing and how productive I am. But believe me, that’s not always the case. I also have my bad days and hardly get a word down on paper. Although that shouldn’t really bother me – after all, I don’t have a deadline – I still … More Bad Days…

#Update: My Procedure

I’ve written a post before about my approach when writing my book. But this has changed completely. You can read here how I started. This article is an update about it. My structure The outline is still according to the snowflake method. However, I have completely executed step 8 of this method. But more about … More #Update: My Procedure

My book is “finished”

After weeks of silence on my part, I am now back with joyful news. My book is “finished”. Well the rough version, because now a lot of revision of 187 pages and almost 45’000 words is waiting for me. But still, it’s a great feeling to know that the story is basically written down now. … More My book is “finished”

I started to write short stories!

I recently came across the page on Instagram. There you can create an account and then publish your own short stories. Short means no more than 2,500 characters. Until now, I’ve never dared to write short stories, but I gladly accepted the challenge. Because the more I write, the better I become. My attention … More I started to write short stories!

Avoiding any distractions

Writing a novel on the side is not easy at all. I had to experience this myself. Often there is stress at work or many other things to do, so that you don’t have time to write. But I also have to mention that after all the other things you sometimes don’t lack time, but … More Avoiding any distractions

Happy New Year!

I am now ending the year 2020 with 100 written pages of my first novel. Although I actually wanted to write a few more pages, I simply lacked creativity and motivation this month. This does not surprise me, as I often have a lack of motivation in the dark season and with Christmas around the … More Happy New Year!

My Procedure

At this point I would like to introduce you to my approach of writing a book. By now I have a clear procedure how I put my story on paper. I still use a part of the snowflake method. My structure If you have read my article about the snowflake method, you know that I … More My Procedure

The Planing Phase

I already had the story for my book in my head. It is a love story about a young woman who travels to America as an Au Pair. If you know me, it sounds very familiar to you, since I traveled to America as an Au Pair myself. I was inspired to write this story … More The Planing Phase

My Story

I have to say that I always loved writing when I was a teenager but stopped when I started working because I simply didn’t have time anymore (I thought). However, I wasn’t serious about writing when I was a teenager, I just liked doing it and when I stopped, I never really missed it. The … More My Story

Tips & Tricks

Reading Material during Writing

In my post “Revising your Book” I already mentioned that reading is extremely important during the writing phase. To bring this point closer, I would like to briefly tell you which books I have read this year and why I chose them. Splitter by Laura Cardea Being in Laura’s writing group on Facebook is what … More Reading Material during Writing

Revising your Book

Hello Everyone! Since I was hit by the corona virus, I was not able to work much on my book because of my health and time. But here comes an update again! I have now revised 89 of 191 pages. I have noticed how much time this process takes. Since I changed a lot at … More Revising your Book

How to deal with criticism!

Being capable of taking criticism are not everyone’s strength. At least that’s how it was for me! But I have already improved a lot and now I’m much more open to criticism. To enable you to deal with criticism more easily, you will find 4 tips below: Listening, not defending Defense is the first reaction … More How to deal with criticism!

Writing Routine

It is important to have a writing routine, otherwise you can lose your focus. For example, if you write one scene and then the next one a week later, you can’t remember everything the same way. But if you have a writing routine, you can keep up with your project. But if you’re like me, … More Writing Routine

The Snowflake Method – Part 1

When I decided to write a book, I first asked myself how to start. On Google I then came across Randy Ingermanson’s snowflake method quite quickly. This method helps you planning your story and figuring out if your idea can be turned into a book. In the beginning I was skeptical, because there are so … More The Snowflake Method – Part 1

How to start

First of all, you need an idea for your story. Mostly, people have an idea before they decide that they want to write a book. That’s how it was for me. I got inspired by some events that happened in my life and decided to write a love story (I know so cliché!). So to … More How to start

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