Progress: Revising my Book

I have been revising my manuscript for about two months now and I am finally through with the first round. In the process, my manuscript has gone from 189 pages to 216 pages, or from 44,765 words to 51,957 words. Of course, it is still not finished. There is more behind the revision than you can imagine; reading, writing, searching for words, connecting scenes, changing logic, deepening characters. All this and much more is waiting for me every day.

In the meantime, I know that I could have avoided a lot of this with a little more preparation and planning time. So here are a few tips on what I would do differently next time.

Planing Plot

I planned my plot or storyline in a Word document using the snowflake method. What seemed sufficient at first has now turned out to be far too little. I would stick to the snowflake method. However, I think I have listed my scene outline in far too little detail.

Planing my Characters

I should have invested many more hours for this point as well. I often noticed holes in the character development while reading. Also, the behavior of the characters sometimes just didn’t really fit. That’s why I now have to rewrite a lot of dialogs so that they don’t seem “pulled out of thin air”.


As already mentioned, I have downloaded the planning software Plottr. I am already planning my next story with this software. The best thing about it is that you can see the story of each character clearly. You can see exactly which characters appear in which scene and how they behave.

I think I’ll do some more planning on my next project and only then start writing the story. That way I’ll be able to shorten the revision phase for sure.

With my current novel, however, I have to go through it. And one thing is already clear. After this revision phase, more will follow until I am satisfied with my story.

PS: Don’t forget to read my stories on There are already a few collected! You can find the link right here. However, still only in German. But I am planning to translate them soon!

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