Reading Material during Writing

In my post “Revising your Book” I already mentioned that reading is extremely important during the writing phase. To bring this point closer, I would like to briefly tell you which books I have read this year and why I chose them.

Splitter by Laura Cardea

Being in Laura’s writing group on Facebook is what brought this book to my attention in the first place. Actually, this book is fantasy and therefore has little to do with my story. But Laura, just like me, wrote the book from two different perspectives of a potential love couple; Veris and Nevan. So I was able to gain insight into how a successful author uses the principle of perspectives and how I can implement it in my own writing.

Short review

Great story that definitely has surprises in store. The character development is really successful and exciting. Also, the romance does not come up short with the Enemies to Lovers story. Since it is only one book, quite unusual for fantasy, it is rather compact – but for this reason it never gets boring.

The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass

Although this actually goes under dystopia, there are a lot of romantic scenes in it. That’s why it was my next choice. Also, in this book I could see well, how to put scenes in between the main events. The writing style also appeals to me a lot, as it is written in a simple and understandable way. I would say that these three books had a huge influence on my own book.

Short review

The Bachelor but make it royal! The main character, America, is perfectly done. In my opinion, however, the story is a bit drawn out. I am now on the third book and have slowly enough of the back-and-forth between America and Maxon. I hope that this does not happen with my book ūüėČ

On the side, I have also briefly looked into other books but more out of curiosity than reading material for my book. I’m not sure yet what I’ll read next. Maybe I’ll start the What-If trilogy by Sarah Sprinz or the Dont-love-Me series by Lena Kiefer. Both romantic books that will surely help me with mine.

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