#Update: My Procedure

I’ve written a post before about my approach when writing my book. But this has changed completely. You can read here how I started. This article is an update about it.

My structure

The outline is still according to the snowflake method. However, I have completely executed step 8 of this method. But more about this in the next point.

Scene overview

At the beginning I always planned only a part of the book, then wrote and continued to plan and wrote again. I wouldn’t do that now and I didn’t do it after half way through. At some point I just wanted to see the book in front of me and by planning it out completely, I can do that. So I wrote down all the scenes and only then started to continue writing the book.


My scenes are still divided into chapters. However, I have not read through them over and over again. I wrote them and then just left them like that. Only now in the revision phase I started to read everything again, rewrite and improve.


So you can imagine my procedure as follows:

  1. Make scene overview
  2. Write the book
  3. Revise the book (several times)

It can be that simple. In the beginning, I thought that step-by-step would be better for writing my book. But now I’ve realized that it’s better to know the whole story in detail before you even start writing.

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