Revising your Book

Hello Everyone!

Since I was hit by the corona virus, I was not able to work much on my book because of my health and time. But here comes an update again!

I have now revised 89 of 191 pages. I have noticed how much time this process takes. Since I changed a lot at the beginning of my story, this has now of course effects on the rest of the story. That means: The further I get, the more I have to change.

Although I’m just about halfway through revising the book, here are a few tips for this phase of the book-writing process.

Take Notes

I’ve started writing down the important changes I make in a separate note sheet. Then, when I get to a scene that also needs to be changed because of that change, I can refer to my notes to see what I changed. This way I can avoid jumping back and forth between chapters and save a bit of time.

Highlight important Things

For all sentences, paragraphs or words that are important for a later scene, I add a comment. This way I can quickly find my way back to a certain part of the story if I want to read up on something. Especially for things I mention that are very important again later, I do this technique.


At first, I always thought that reading distracted me too much from my own writing. But the opposite is the case. The more I read, the better my writing gets and I learn new words. In my revision, I’ve already replaced some “say” with better, more appropriate words. I try to read books in the romance genre but by different authors. That way I see different writing styles as well.

Keep Going

Revising is not easy for everyone, but it is very important. As with writing itself, you have to keep going so you don’t lose track of what you’re writing. I often don’t feel like sitting down and reading everything again. But as soon as I have started, I enjoy the work. Also, every page you revise is a step closer to the book release.

Now, I’m getting back to my book and hope to start posting regularly again.

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