Plottr – the Plotting Software

Today I come to you with a new software. As you know, I used the snowflake method to plan my book. You can find the blog posts about it here. But now a friend showed me a new software and I immediately fell in love! I’m talking about Plottr.

What’s Plottr?

Plottr is a software that helps you plan your book in a clear, interactive way. In it, there is a timeline/outline that acts as an overview. You can also enter all characters and locations and add suitable pictures. With so-called tags you can additionally classify everything into groups, which should simplify filtering.

How does Plottr work?

The heart is the above mentioned timeline/outline. You have to imagine this as a “table”. The columns are the chapters and the rows are the different story lines, which are freely definable. I, for example, use one story line for one character. In the “table” you then enter the individual scenes of the book into the scene cards in keyword form. NOTE: it’s not an app for writing the book, but only for planning. At the end, however, you can export everything to a Word or to Scrivener to start writing.

To these mentioned scene cards you can add characters, locations and also tags. This way you can immediately see where and who appears in which scene. In addition, I use the tags to divide the individual scenes into groups, e.g. whether a scene must certainly occur in the book or whether I am not yet sure whether I want to use it.

Where do I find Plottr and how much does it cost?

Plottr can be downloaded online on to your computer or laptop. There is also an app – so you can work on your project from anywhere. However, I have not tested the app yet.

You can try Plottr for free for the first 30 days. After that, it normally costs $47 a year, but right now it’s only $25 a year. The software is currently only available in English, French and Spanish. But since you can title a lot of things yourself, you don’t need to know a lot about these foreign languages.

I am currently planning my fantasy novel with the software and I am very satisfied. Having everything in one place without having to scroll through a word document all the time is really helpful. Also, it’s more fun to arrange everything in the software and it’s faster to restructure something.

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