My book is “finished”

After weeks of silence on my part, I am now back with joyful news. My book is “finished”. Well the rough version, because now a lot of revision of 187 pages and almost 45’000 words is waiting for me. But still, it’s a great feeling to know that the story is basically written down now.

At first I wanted to divide my story into five parts, write them and then revise them right away. But now I realized that the urge to finally finish the story was greater. That’s why I only did this for the first two parts and after that I just wrote the story. Without much thinking and checking. I just had to see the story finished in front of me.

That’s why new tasks now await me: Scenes have to be rewritten, dialogues improved and the red thread adjusted. Because while I was writing the story, new ideas developed that I now have to integrate into the story.

So my book is far from finished, but this success I just had to share here. So keep following my journey here on the blog.

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