Online again! My experience without Social Media.

I’m back again! I was off social media for a week to see if i would work more on my book. And I can say this much: yes, it worked and also revealed a little surprise!

My Screentime

As mentioned in the previous post, I spent about 9 hours a week on social media. Whether that’s a lot or a little, I don’t know. However, it is a lot of time that I could also invest in my book. Since Whatsapp also counts as social media, and of course I haven’t given it up, my time has been reduced to one hour. But did I use these eight hours I gained?

My Progress

I had chapters 1 through 7 completely planned out. Then when I got to chapter 8, I just tried to start writing – but that wasn’t for me. I needed a plan again. In those 8 hours gained, I planned chapters 8 through 13 and described them scene by scene in an Excel sheet. Of course, this is not all. Additionally I wrote 25 pages and am now on a total of 130 pages, 31’300 words.

The Surprise

Quite unconsciously, I also had a flash of inspiration for my next story. When I was on the road and felt like using social media, I thought about this new book idea. Since I do not yet know whether this will be implemented once, I’ll just say this much: it is not a romance novel again, but something in the direction of fantasy.


So yes, I have used the time without social media successfully. The progress was clearly noticeable and I now have more motivation to work on my book again. Although I’ve been back online since yesterday, I’ve made time to write. Now I hope that this will stay the same. Otherwise, I will once again go offline for a few days.

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