Avoiding any distractions

Writing a novel on the side is not easy at all. I had to experience this myself. Often there is stress at work or many other things to do, so that you don’t have time to write. But I also have to mention that after all the other things you sometimes don’t lack time, but also motivation.

As already described in the last post, this is how I feel at the moment. Always getting up early, so I have time to write, is somehow exhausting over time. Moreover, I totally struggle with my storyline at the moment. It feels like the story no longer wants to continue, although the ideas are here.

A big factor in my time consumption is: social media! What a surprise! My screentime revealed that I spend about 9 hours a week on social media. At a normal writing pace, I could write about 50 pages in that time!!! At the moment I could use that time primarily to continue planning my book. Because that’s where my biggest weakness is at the moment. So that I can focus more on my book again, I decide to ban social media from my life! – well at least for one week ūüėČ

Therefore, expect nothing from me for a week. I hope that I finally find the connection again and work daily with joy on my book. If I have managed this and how much further I have come, you will find out in a week – stay tuned!

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