Happy New Year!

I am now ending the year 2020 with 100 written pages of my first novel. Although I actually wanted to write a few more pages, I simply lacked creativity and motivation this month. This does not surprise me, as I often have a lack of motivation in the dark season and with Christmas around the corner I have many other thoughts.

That’s why I also participated in the MyBookChallenge from Books On Demand. The idea was to get some variety but still work on my own project. Some challenges I can adopt one-to-one for my own book. For some it seems like a waste of time but for me it was exactly what I needed. I am now more motivated again and more excited to work on my book in the morning.

Although I never make New Year’s resolutions, my goal is to finish the book in 2021! I think that is very realistic. Of course, I will continue to share my story here and give valuable tips.

I thank all my readers for your support! If you are interested in a test read or want to give feedback, just contact me or leave a comment! I am happy about every message.

Now it’s time for the new year. I wish everyone a joyful New Year’s Eve with your loved ones and look forward to continuing to entertain you next year.

Best Wishes, Stefanie

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