How to deal with criticism!

Being capable of taking criticism are not everyone’s strength. At least that’s how it was for me! But I have already improved a lot and now I’m much more open to criticism. To enable you to deal with criticism more easily, you will find 4 tips below:

Listening, not defending

Defense is the first reaction people have to criticism. However, it is important that you listen carefully and don’t start discussing right away. This way you can be sure that you can absorb everything correctly and understand the person’s point of view. Through personal feedback you can often find out from the tone of your counterpart whether the criticism is constructive. If the criticism consists of envy or ignorance, you will quickly find out by listening carefully.

Ask if you have questions

In order to be able to implement criticism, you must understand it correctly. Therefore, it is important that you ask if something is unclear. It can happen that your counterpart cannot express himself so well. These differences can be clarified in a conversation. It is also important to get examples. That way, nothing will stand in your way when you start implementing the criticism.

Question the criticism

You don’t always have to agree with your reviewers. Like everywhere else, there are different preferences of the readers and you will never satisfy all of them. So if you get feedback that makes no sense, to your opinion, you don’t have to implement it. This is your book and you decide how it is designed. But it is also important to admit mistakes at this point.


Criticism does not have to be implemented overnight. Write down the most important points of the criticism you got. Afterwards, take one or two days (or longer) to think about them. During this time, it will become clearer which points you want to pay attention to and how you can best use them in your story.

And most important of all: Consider criticism as an opportunity! It is about improving your work and without “negative” feedback this is not possible. I see feedback and criticism more as suggestions for improvement, which you can implement but don’t have to.

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