My Procedure

At this point I would like to introduce you to my approach of writing a book. By now I have a clear procedure how I put my story on paper. I still use a part of the snowflake method.

My structure

If you have read my article about the snowflake method, you know that I divided my story into five parts: Background, Catastrophe 1, Catastrophe 2, Catastrophe 3 and the end. When writing, I also pay attention to this structure by writing each of the five parts “separately”. So I started with the first fifth of my book, the background. When this is finished, I go to the second fifth, then to the third fifth, and so on.

Scene overview

This is the 8th step of the snowflake method. Normally you do this before you start writing your own book. I, on the other hand, always do this step before I start writing one of my five parts. In my article “The Snowflake Method – Part 2” you will find an overview of the exact Excel spreadsheet I use.

Before I started to write the first part “background”, I planned it with an Excel spreadsheet. Of course I will do this again and again before I write the next part of my story until I am done with all five parts. This tactic helps me to look at each part of the story individually and thus, get a clear overview before I start writing.


In my scene overview I arrange my scenes by chapter before I start writing. This helps me to concentrate on a smaller part of the story while writing. When the chapters are roughly in place, often something else changes during the writing process, I start writing a chapter. I don’t pay much attention to the wording of the sentences, but simply write what comes to my mind.

When the chapter is finished, I read it again. I reformulate sentences, add more details and check the logic of the story. As soon as I am satisfied with the chapter, I start the next one, until I am done with the first part. For the new part I then start again with the scene overview, write the chapters, check them and then move on to the next part.


So you can imagine my procedure as follows:

  1. Part (Background)
    1. Make scene overview
    2. Arrange chapters
    3. Write chapters
    4. Revise chapters
  2. Part (Catastrophe 1)
    1. Make scene overview
    2. Arrange chapters
    3. Write chapters
    4. Revise chapters
  3. Part (Catastrophe 2)
    1. Make scene overview
    2. Arrange chapters
    3. And so on…

Who knows, maybe this method will help you as much as it helps me! If not, let me know what your method is!

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