My Story

I have to say that I always loved writing when I was a teenager but stopped when I started working because I simply didn’t have time anymore (I thought). However, I wasn’t serious about writing when I was a teenager, I just liked doing it and when I stopped, I never really missed it. The turning point, that got me into writing again, was when I started to study economies. All of my classmates hated writing these long dissertations and the research phase but I actually enjoyed it! I never had a problem sitting in front of my laptop and get these things done (at least when the subject was interesting). However, economics wasn’t for me at all so I quit and started to work in a tax office again.

After almost two years, I started to question my career. Working in a tax field wasn’t fulfilling me at all and I needed something more creative in my life. Studying was not an option, since I already tried it and didn’t like it at all. I started to talk about my lost writing passion with my boyfriend and he encouraged me to try writing again in my free time. I started to plan/write my novel in August 2020 with no experience at all but I’m determined to finish my novel in one year.

So here I am! A young woman not knowing what to do with her life but with a passion for creative writing. My blog is about my journey to my first novel. It may succeed or it may not – but whatever happens, you will stay informed on my platform. If you want to write your own novel you also find some tips and tricks on here too.


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